MARVIT group is today a well-established company in the manufacture and distribution of branded products MARINO UOMO, part of the same company

storia halfWithout passion there is not a knowledge, without passion there is not experience and not even history: ours is ancient. At the beginning of the last century, a factory, which produced coats and men trousers, was born in Naples, , neighbourhood Poggioreale, his owner was Falco’s family and it had about 800 employers. Its products were designed for international trade, above all the North America.
The charter member was Maria Cristina Falco, who married Raffaele Marino. The latter, thanks to his technical qualities and his attention to details, became suddenly the manager of the whole production.
So began the remarkable adventure of this small factory which went through an historical and social background, characterized by different economic processes. All this tested the tenacity, the professionalism and entrepreneurial capacity of the company that never stopped its productive machine, showing that through wholehearted and willpower, any adversities could be won. During the Second World War, an air raid razed the factory. Like the Phoenix the company born again from its ashes stronger and stronger and the entrepreneurial essence of Marino’s family didn’t stop. The factory got back its job with Raffaele’s sons: Giuseppe, Francesco and Alfonso and later only by Giuseppe’s sons: Luigi and Raffaele. In the nineties, the great experience of Luigi Marino met the strong entrepreneurial capability of Giovanni Vitale. By the union of their names and their brilliant ideas was born MARVIT GROUP, a company specialized in men’s clothing, particularly classic line. The extraordinary gifts of both businessmen found into the acronym MARVIT a new lifeblood, which allowed to new company to take over the market, becoming the benchmark of men’s fashion in Italy and in the world. Since the beginning, the company gained a very important place in the men’s fashion scene.
The choice of fabrics, only made in Italy, the care for the details, the ability to interpret the tastes and needs of consumers, the great attention to fashion is a sign of identification since its birth. Since then, the capacity to interpret the changes and market requirements like stimulating new behaviours of the users, the great professionalism to study the wearability of clothings, the organisation of production, the constant search of fabrics and high quality material permit to MARVIT GROUP to become a leading company in the national and international men’s clothing market. MARVIT Group is today a well-established company in the manufacture and distribution of branded products MARINO UOMO, part of the same company. Each product is followed at every stage: it is designed, made and hand-out within its own factories to be destined for Italian and foreign market. The interested market is most of all italian, but a large proportion of products is exported abroad, thanks also to an excellent price/quality ratio. Marvit Group resists and progresses in a market flooded with cheap foreign products and is able to stand out on the international stage and it is a GREAT QUALITY ASSURANCE, the only thing that always did the difference. Our entrepreneurial ever-increasing nose and the numerous awards received by fashion world merge with the know-how and create a new line of products that represents the typical creativity of the best companies of Campania.
The constant and durable improvement in quality allows to Marvit Group to remain on the market successfully, its development is still growing in Europe and the rest of the world thanks to a staff always careful to market trends and a minute organized distribution network.